helps you acquire
  • Autonomy 
    You decide and determine your activities.
  • Liberty 
    schedule, place of work, contract, etc.
  • Independence
    or at least you no longer depend on a single boss, a single source of income.

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memberships.com is brought to you by
an entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience as a self-employed after a career of as many years in insurance, IT and consulting.

20 years of freelancing work, website development and marketing.

He has worked with many other freelancers, shared and learned from them.

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You dream of getting paid more...


You dream of becoming free, self-sufficient, independent.

You see yourself getting your income from
your talent, your professional experience.

You want to turn your main interest into "work", offer your services in what you enjoy doing, what you excel in ...

a) Get Paid More

Become an expert at what you do.
¨refine your skills ¨
memberships.com is here to help you gain more knowledge, more skills, more productivity
with the most important tools.

Improve your profession to increase your productivity.
Learn how to produce more results with the same time available.

b) Offer Your Knowledge Online

Are you great at something you do? Do people around you, ask for your help or advice on anything?
I know, it may be hard to believe, but, wherever you are in your life, you are an expert in the eyes of someone else about something.

memberships.com will help you share that knowledge.
The following are just avatars of contributors
to the effort of memberships.com
Hoping that their point of view and their philosophy inspire you ...
Alexandra, Nutritionist
¨ On your own, you have to be careful and find balance first.
Anthony, Entrepreneur
"Learn from those who have done it before you."
¨The answers, you have them. Listen to what you feel.¨
Gilles, Consultant
¨The answer is in the question. What is your question? ¨
Isaac, Auteur
"The larger the group, the less capable it is of practical analysis."
Ivor, Biomedical Engineer
¨You are not a statistic. Follow a plan based on you.¨
Jeanne, Teacher
"Learning is a personal process in adults."
Joey, Instructor
¨ A clear objective helps to achieve a result in a very short time.¨
Jonathan, Personal Trainer
¨ Some days we have less energy. You decide the intensity. Respect your limits. ¨
Jonny, PhD
¨The myths promoted by the business community are difficult to challenge.¨
Josée, Personal Trainer
¨ I choose consciously, I adapt and I decide according to my needs which apply now! ¨
¨The way of saying things has an impact on buy-in and results ¨.
Marc, Marketing digital
"You have to repeat the message often before it becomes concrete."
Matthew, AI Specialist
"If we can interest companies, we can do more."
Michel, Time Management
¨The only real question to answer is what is the difficulty, for you, right here, right now?¨
Monique, Psychologue
¨Do not let yourself be discouraged by a failure: it is just a result that you did not expect.¨
Peter, Consultant
"No one other than me can take care of my business."
Real, Retired
¨Pffff! If I had counted on the government ... ¨
R., Project Manager
We know that we have done enough only when we have done too much.
Freedom has a price. First you have to invest a lot of your time.

The Objective 
is to help each person to be better
in his own business to help others.

We develop easy-to-understand and in-depth learning tools.
We prepare presentations, trainings and courses.


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