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Google Ads | Facebook Ads | YouTube Ads
  • Google Ads
    Don't copy your competitors. Most of them don't know more than you do!
  • Facebook Ads
    This is 2020. And it is not like 2019. There has been fundamental changes.
  • YouTube Ads
    It's like advertising on TV at a fraction of the cost.


You Don't Need To Spend $1,495 On An Online Marketing Webinar To Learn The Basics
Of Internet Marketing !!!
Even If The Webinar Is Very Good!



Learn/Master the Basics How To
Advertise on Google, Facebook and YouTube,

Plus a few tips and tricks
In Less Time Than To Watch 3 Movies on Netflix!

Facebook Ads (82 min.)   |   Google Ads (77 min.)   |  YouTube Ads (90 min.)

You will Know Enough to Start On A Shoestring
You Will Know More About Google, Facebook and YouTube
Than 98% Of The People Around You!

New Introductory Special Price Of   $8.99 !

* for less than a pizza!

What You Will Able To Do ...

Facebook Ads

Follow this  step-by-step instructions video.
  • Create your facebook page and promote it (1;30) with only a few steps.
  • ​Easily promote your business locally (12:07), your website (15:39) and get more visitors to your blog.
  • ​Advertise to people based on what their interests are and get more leads (26:26).
  • ​Become familiar and comfortable with the navigation, the business manager and  how to use the facebook pixel (18:12) to track and improve your conversions.
  • ​Alternatively, use the automated facebook advertising platform (29:24).
  • ​Create an audience with specific criterias. Learn how to import an audience or reuse an audience (32:05) for more leads.
  • ​and much more ...

Google Ads

Master the basics and get tips to manage your ads.
  • Set up your account properly.
  • Take advantage of the keyword search, volume and cost forecast tools.
  • ​Plan your campaigns and ads for maximum results.
  • ​Easily set up ad variations to test. 
  • ​Use and automate reports to receive timely information.
  • ​​Integrate and connect to other google resources you might have, autoresponders, facebook, linkedIn, wordpress, twitter, etc.
  • ​Exclude irrelevant keywords.
  • ​Work with audiences.
  • ​Watch a live example.
  • ​and more ...

YouTube Ads

Learn that it is easier
to advertise on YouTube
than Google itself. 
  • Understand what is different about YouTube Ads and how it will help your business.
  • Learn shocking YouTube ad facts.
  • ​Set up your business channel properly and link with your Google Ads account.
  • Easily upload a video on Youtube and set up your ad campaign.
  • ​Learn advanced ad strategies, retargeting and brand awareness campaign.
  • ​Watch advanced tips and tactics for you to consider.
  • ​Take advantage of some premium tools and services that might help you.
  • ​and more ...



The 3 Golden Rules Of Advertising!

Because If You don't respect these rules, you will spend a lot of money for nothing 
in Google, Facebook And YouTube !!!

Do You Know
What Is Wrong With These Ads?

These are the firsts two ads to the search for ¨Car¨
on Google

  • Can You Tell What is Wrong?
  • Do They Follow The Most Important ¨Law¨  To Reach Customer in Advertising?
  • ​Do They respect The 3 Golden Rules In Advertising?
If you can't answer these questions, you will do the same mistakes ...
and as you can see, it isn't because you are a Big Brand, that you will not make these mistakes !!!

You Will Learn ...

The 3 Golden Rules In Advertising

  • The Fundamental Law
  • ​The 3 Golden Rules
  • ​What It means For Each One.
  • What Is Wrong With The Ads above.
  • ​Two more examples with the ¨Insurance¨ and ¨Mortgage¨ keywords
  • A good example
  • ​We show you how we do it.
  • ​We teach you how to do it.

Anytime, Anywhere ...

Access Your Courses Anytime,  From Anywhere.
Watch, Stop, Rewind as Many Times You Want.
Learn or Do Exactly The Same While Watching.

It Will Change You ...

  • Even If You Only Watch These ¨Movies¨
    because, as an example, it is someone else that take care of this, you will know what they are doing and will be able to discuss it with them intelligently. 
  • ​No Way Back: Once You Learned It. You Know It ... Forever ...
  • You Will Know: What can be done easily, what can't be done as easily. Sometimes knowing what you can't do is as much important if not more important to avoid wasting your time.
  • Tactics and Strategies Are Not The Same: Knowing the basics and a few tricks will help you start much faster on the path to more complex strategies.
  • The Golden Rules: Once you know them, you know them ... forever. They are easy to learn, understand and remember. 

Easy ...

Most marketers are experts and focus on one of these 3 advertising platforms. If you wonder why: comfort.

I have to admit, I did the same. My forte as always been Google Ads. It is just only 2 years ago that I seriously started looking more closely to the 2 others. What a shame and I have lost the opportunities that I didn't tackle because of that.

Do better, at least get familiar with all of the 3 platforms. As mentioned earlier, you can watch any of these 3 ¨documentary¨ in the same time or less than you would watch one movie on Netflix. How far will this take you if you plan to watch one this week, one next week and the third one in two weeks from now. Isn't this the most easiest of plan to execute???

Done For You ...

You can find a lot a videos on these subjects all over the internet. But if you already tried to learn from them,  you probably noticed that most of them take the first 10 to 15 minutes talking about how great this is, how much money they made, you should follow them, like their video, subscribe, etc. It will take you more time to try to find the right video than just watching one here. 

The videos here are just content. They show you how to do everything. No sales pitch. No time wasted. They are training sessions. That's it!

In Summary.

  • For $ 8.99
    You Get Full Immediate Access To Facebook Ads, Google Ads and YouTube Ads Training.
  • Step By Step: How to ... On Each Platform.
  • Anytime, Anywhere: No Limit Of Time and At Your Rythm.
  • ​Your Knowledge: What you learn is yours forever ...
  • No mumbo jumbo: Only practical tips.


What Might Be The Most Important Lesson To Make All The Above The Most Efficient

The 3 Golden Rules In Advertising!

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